The movie antz compared to real

Best answer: the godfather and goodfellas antz and a bug's life the incredibles and big hero 6 hunger games and divergent harry potter and lotr inception and. Both are good movies — inevitably compared and contrasted with each other — and antz is the one i like slightly less that's about it that's about it allen is funny but not particularly exceptional as a voice actor. 14 images (& sounds) of the antz cast of characters pics of the antz voice actors (movie.

the movie antz compared to real 54 - days between the release of antz (october 2) and a bug's life (november 25) dreamworks moved its bug movie antz from march 1999 to october 1998 to beat a bug's life to theaters.

A bugs life is the better animation accomplishment and has more outright jokes - everybody expected antz to suck or at least look bad compared to a pixar movie, but it had a better story and a more adult focus. At the start of the movie, the narrator states that a rhino appears out of nowhere and eats james' parents the aunts bring up the rhino several times during the movie it's later revealed that the rhino is just a bunch of smoke and noise, which makes no sense because that same rhino ate james' parents. Comparatively, in the film antz, parts of the ideals of communism are depicted throughout the film, along with other forms of governments the colony was led like a communist country, an aristocracy, and had a totalitarianism setup. Parents need to know that ice age:the meltdown is a sequel to ice age because of global warming, the heroes are in peril from rising waters and they are stalked by somewhat scary-looking underwater creatures.

Antz rejoices in the fact that a cartoon can show us anything it's so free, it turns visual cartwheels it enters into a microscopic world--an ant colony beneath central park--and makes it into a world so vast and threatening that comparisons with star wars are not unjustified. Antz script by todd alcott, chris weitz & paul weitz bala are you sure this is a real dance the equivalent of scary jungle sounds in a tarzan movie -- the. Antz is a superb example of a genre that is at the same time establishing itself, and pushing movie-making in new and exciting directions excellent video quality and an amazing 51 mix lead me to almost nominate this dvd for a spot in the hall of fame : the only thing missing is a little more on the human side of the production in the extras. The films are made for smaller budgets than many large animation studio movies -- $70 million in the case of storks, as compared to the $200 million-plus typical at studios like disney and pixar. Antz actually debuted a couple of months before a bug's life, so i kinda wonder why antz is labeled as the rip off if it came technically before a bug's life pixar did make more money off of their movie than dreamworks did, but pixar also had about 20 mil more in their budget to work with than dreamworks.

If you ask me which movie i would like to watch again both movies antz and a bug's life have a creative animation and imaginative design but there is the difference between these movies that is the quality of the animation and the graphic. The studio looked to real world reference for water, sand, fire, and smoke in their latest lego movie. Ok, well, it's not the same movie, but here is my comparison it's oscar season and pixar's coco is almost a shoe-in to be the best animated film however, as an avid fan of all things animated, i was very happy with this movie when it came out in 2014, as the book of life. Venom's box office debut compared to the spider-man franchise antz is a movie about the hypothetical lives of insects the ants in antz actually seemed more like real ants than the ants. The carpenters of comedy the disney-dreamworks feud: antz vs a bug's life to the wild vs madagascar by zeus | 2007-07-27 ever since antz and a bug's life, disney/pixar and dreamworks/pdi have fought a series of duels, with each releasing animated films with strikingly similiar premises.

In antz, you actually see a caste-like ruling while abl is the be yourself storyline sprinkled with a bit of seven samurai (but only lightly), antz is about knowing your place in the colony never understood why people compared the two as though they are one and the same. And antz stunk and a bug's life was considered a masterpiecewhen you compared it to antz i really enjoyed a bugs life it was basically your seven samaria or magnificent seven story, but with talking ants and villainous grasshoppers. Antz is a 1998 american computer animated adventure comedy film produced by dreamworks animation and pdi and distributed by dreamworks pictures it features the voices of well-known actors such as woody allen, sharon stone, jennifer lopez, sylvester stallone, dan aykroyd, anne bancroft, gene hackman, christopher walken, and danny glover as various members of an ant society. The buzz about bug's life was that it would be more family-friendly than antz, and it absolutely is the movie is brighter in every sense of the word: much of the story takes place outdoors, rather than in the shadowy labyrinth of an underground colony, and the ants are blue and pale purple. From the movie you need to come up with five examples that compare situations in the movie to real world examples of political systems here are some clues to watch for in the.

The movie antz compared to real

Antz is a 1997 american computer-animated adventure comedy film directed by eric darnell and tim johnson, written by paul weitz, chris weitz, and todd alcott the film stars woody allen , sharon stone , jennifer lopez , sylvester stallone , dan aykroyd , anne bancroft , and gene hackman. Antz is the first to arrive, and it delivers the requisite goods to be a crowd-pleasing family filmhowever, everything i perceived about the film, before seeing it, was generally true about the finished product. In the movie 'antz', we encountered blatant examples of prejudice based on three societal classifications: race, class, and gender this movie appeared to be completely unintentional in the portrayal of the stereotypes, yet it is the completely benign nature of their usage which is of interest. Can you name the characters from dreamworks' antz given their first spoken lines test your knowledge on this movies quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others quiz by manyobscurities.

  • Everyone is gonna say a bug's life just because it's pixar, but it is probably pixar's weakest film i'll give it to antz by a yard actually, it might be my 2nd favorite, behind nemo.
  • At the time of its release, antz was the second ever 3d animated film (toy story was the first) and the first of dreamwork's animated movies it starred woody allen as z, an awkward ant who thinks he is a nobody, before he is forced into action to save his colony from a collection of evil grasshoppers.

I don't really think antz can be compared to bug's life they're two completely different movies sharing only a theme and medium, and if you think that's enough to make one movie a knock-off of. What is the movie antz exactly about im doing a project that i seriously need help onand how is that movie comparing to the government and the real life and how how could you include at least five examples from the movie comparing to real like government.

the movie antz compared to real 54 - days between the release of antz (october 2) and a bug's life (november 25) dreamworks moved its bug movie antz from march 1999 to october 1998 to beat a bug's life to theaters. the movie antz compared to real 54 - days between the release of antz (october 2) and a bug's life (november 25) dreamworks moved its bug movie antz from march 1999 to october 1998 to beat a bug's life to theaters. the movie antz compared to real 54 - days between the release of antz (october 2) and a bug's life (november 25) dreamworks moved its bug movie antz from march 1999 to october 1998 to beat a bug's life to theaters.
The movie antz compared to real
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