Why we should not cut the sports program in schools

Club sports have been growing in the us for years, and stevens believes if we go to club sports that would answer a lot of problems and put the high school focus back where it belongs, on education. While it is true that it is important for kids to learn the value of overcoming obstacles with hard work and how to grow through failure, the fact is that being cut from a middle school or high school sports team is often one of the most upsetting and traumatic events in a teenager's life. Opting to participate in only one sport at a time will not only cut down on the time we spend at practices, games, and meets, but will also cut down on the financial investment as well after all, each sporting event or activity added to the equation adds to the total tab of raising our children to adulthood.

Prime minister gordon brown says he wants schools, parents, volunteers, coaches and the sports world to work together in offering the equivalent of an hour of sport to every child every day of the school week. Why should college be free for everyone proponents of free college believe that it would benefit the entire nation, not just the individual students who take advantage of it they see it as both a private and public benefit. Dr mark halstead, a sports medicine physician at washington university, agreed in the commentary with canty and said there are clear steps schools can take to reduce the risk of dangers from. Arts & music should stay in public schools because it helps kids stay better focused in class, keeps them from getting into trouble, and is a gateway for success in college and adulthood.

Schoolkids are excited when they have a long weekend it's a treat for a school week to be just four days long however, some districts have adopted a permanent four-day school week mondays or fridays are the typical days that get cut according to the washington post, almost 300 school districts. Funding for high school sports is being cut due to lack of money as a result, 126 michigan schools say they charge students to play a sport, according to usa today but sports funding should not. With only a $100,000 allocation from the school district, erickson and his staff were left with little choice but to charge every student-athlete almost $500 per sport during the 2007-08 school year - or not offer sports at all. So why are education programs the first to be cut, and not extra-curricular activities like the sports programs i know that in many high schools, football is the best funded program (or other sports depending on the individual school districts.

If schools do eliminate art programs, students will not suddenly be deprived of a creative outlet if they truly care about whatever it is they do, there are plenty of places to go after school. We see those headlines in the news all the time during every budget cycle, teachers, parents, and music advocates hold their collective breaths hoping cuts will not come down on their programs this is because music and the arts are often at the top of the cut list — but why is this. So, school boards and administrators look for programs which they can eliminate or, at least, reduce expenditures accordingly, they decide to cut the extras in the public school world, those extras include extracurricular activities such as a band or orchestra, as well as clubs and other activities. Sports help children develop physical skills, get exercise, make friends, have fun, learn to play as a member of a team, learn to play fair, and improve self-esteem american sports culture has increasingly become a money making business. Although compliance with section 504 could require school districts to pay for reasonable modifications, or aids and services, in most cases, we believe that providing these reasonable modifications and necessary aids and services should not create burdensome new costs for school districts.

Despite the results, the lead professor of the cornell study does not necessarily believe that gym classes should be banned in public school, arguing, we're not saying schools should get rid of (physical education), but there has to be a meaningful change in the curriculum. Increasing the cost of playing sports without a doubt keeps some low-income students from participating, at a time in their lives when they should be trying new things, and at a time in our. Sports should not be cut schools have children that are gifted in athletics kids need to stay off the streets or keeping out of trouble i think that sports can. But should schools be the organization that offers them amanda ripley, the author of the smartest kids in the world, thinks club organizations, not schools, should provide sports programming. School money is a nationwide collaboration between npr's ed team and 20 member station reporters exploring how states pay for their public schools and why many are failing to meet the needs of.

Why we should not cut the sports program in schools

At my school, like many other schools, a large emphasis is placed on sports these programs, regardless of how popular they may be, are not immune to the financial issues plaguing our country. We scale back school sports in the usstate your opinion in one sentence below this can become the thesis statement for an argument essay say goodbye to sports sports should stay. Why should we fund the arts david edgar publicly funded arts institutions are under more pressure than ever to quantify the social benefits they bring, as would be done for schools and hospitals.

  • Ironically, the folks who are quick to cut funding for school arts programs are often in favor of increased funding for sports facilities and athletic teams at the schools their children attend.
  • As school districts cut arts budgets, students aren't guaranteed better performance in math and science 1 if we are lucky enough to bring these programs back, they won't be for a couple.

With very little funding, many schools have cut physical education altogether according to the national association for sport and physical education (naspe), the median budget for physical education in schools across the country is $764 per year not much. Len stevens, an ex-high school and college coach, thinks we should put an end to high school sports stevens pointed out that high school coaches were supposed to be teachers first, now fewer than. To cut or not to cut, that is the question the fall is upon us and as we look forward to the start of a brand new school year, young athletes' thoughts turn to middle and high school dreams of fame and glory: impressing the coach in preseason, making the varsity, possibly breaking into the starting lineup and maybe even hearing the roar of the crowd as you make that game winning play. With tryouts for fall sports teams about to begin around the country, and with a new study 1 showing that team sports participation is the best way to fight teen obesity, now is the perfect time to revisit the whole concept of cutting in school sports.

why we should not cut the sports program in schools A large majority of college sports programs - 90 percent - lose money for their schools and require additional funds beyond what is earned through ticket, apparel, and other revenues.
Why we should not cut the sports program in schools
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